Rouge swings both ways...

Death, Taxes, and Leaky Sandbags is a Sonic's World oneshot story that ran in Issue 252 of Sonic the Comic Online. It depicts part of the continuing efforts of Dunzi and the Household Keepers to apprehend the Drakon secret agent and saboteur, Rouge the Bat.



Rouge the Bat is continuing to undermine the people's morale in the war in a number of ways, such as filling the Crystal Ring with raw sewage, reprogramming Scrap Brain Zone clearance robots to build a statue of Dr Robotnik and sabotaging the Dust Hill Zone's irrigation project. Dunzi and his enforcers however, taking their previous encounter with her as a personal insult, have tracked her to the Starlight Zone, where she has a hideout in Twilight Towers. The selected Household Keeper commandos begin rushing the building, tranquilising any civilians and security staff members to avoid detection by the Starlight police . Unknown to the Household Keepers, a squad of birds from the Starlight police is already on the case. Soon, both teams have smashed their way into Rouge's flat, and immediately begin bickering. The unsurprised Rouge lets off a bright flash from her hastily modified TV remote and escapes via the window in the wake of both teams' confusion. A short time later, the now slightly irritated Dunzi recieves a call from the commandos' worried leader. After dancing around the issue, the commando reveals that both teams have since come to blows, one of the Starlighters having insulted his mother, and indeed Dunzi. The infuriated Dunzi thus proceeds to vent his frustration by firing every member of the team.


  • This story introduces the Starlight Zone into the world of STC - despite being a Zone in the very original game, it was not at all featured or even referenced in any of the previous issues of the comic!
  • "Leaky Sandbags" is a reference to the 1970s television spy drama, The Sandbaggers.


This is the second instalment of the Sealed With A Loathing Kill story arc. The previous story was Rouge Alert.

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