Decap-Man is a 2-part Decap Attack story that began in Issue 131 of Sonic the Comic.



Frank N. Stein has successfully accomplished a new goal one evening in Transylvania, and it's not that 15-piece jigsaw as Igor and Chuck believe. In actuality, it's a machine to turn Chuck into the superior being he was always meant to be. After a little 'persuasion' involving Igor and a spanner, the experiment begins. However, Igor deliberately ignores the Prof's instructions and turns the machine's feedback regulator up to 11, as opposed to 7. As the smoke clears, a muscle-bound and near unrecognisable Chuck emerges (with a metal-coated Head atop his shoulders). Unfortunately, the new Chuck feels that as the ultimate human, he's needed elsewhere, and with that, he bursts out of the castle roof and flies into the sunset. The following morning, the front page of the Transylvanian Times is carrying a picture of a masked and caped Chuck, bearing the legend 'Who is Decap-Man?' leaving Stein in total disbelief.

A week later, Decap-Man is being lauded as the greatest hero the country's ever seen, after foiling Doctor Carcass and Midnight Nurse's plan to infect school dinners with the wrong kind of gravy on this occasion. Naturally, Stein and Igor miss Chuck, even if Igor's just frustrated at having to do all the housework himself. After venting his frustrations, Igor muses upon ways to put a stop to Chuck's heroism. Over the following weeks, Decap-Man battles against such foes as Copycat, Contradictor, Giggler, Punster, Monty the Python and Reverse-Psychology Man. Unfortunately some time later, Chuck is inexplicably captured by the mysterious Mystery Man, man of mysterious mystery! If Chuck can guess Mystery Man's true identity, he may go free. If not, he becomes one of his Mystery Slaves. Naturally, Chuck has no hope of guessing, and is soundly attacked by Mystery Man's amnesia spray. It is then revealed that Chuck has been unconscious for some time after the machine blew up in the experiment. He has merely been dreaming about being Decap-Man the whole time, and after deciding against talking about it, Chuck wanders off mumbling about the details becoming vague and how it is when you try to remember a dream.


  • The entire tale may not have been a dream after all. In the STC-O story "Good Luck Chuck", a poster on the side of Wishy Washy seems to ask the question "Where is Decap-Man", suggesting Chuck really did turn into a hero. The poster may also be a reference to the Transylvanian Times headline "Who is Decap-Man" in the original story.


The previous Decap Attack story was Birthday. The next story was Rooms.

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