Art by Richard Elson

A Delta Ray Machine is a device that harnesses delta radiation in some way. The only one seen in the pages of Sonic the Comic belonged to Doctor Bob Bobble, the result of years of hard work. Angered after being ignored at a New Year's Eve party, Bobble fired the device at himself to make him slightly bulkier and more impressive to the ladies. However, the scientist couldn't stop the machine and subjected himself to far too much radiation, turning him into a stupid monster. In order to actually stop himself growing uncontrollably, Bobble used his strength to crush the nozzle, rendering the machine useless.

Vector the Crocodile later repaired the machine and reversed the polarity, changing the Bulk back to Bobble. To make sure this couldn't happen again, Sonic the Hedgehog tore it to pieces before going back to his New Year party.


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