Art by M DJ Boyann

Demon World (otherwise known as Hell, Hades, or the Underworld) is a dimension somewhere apart from Monster World and Ghost World. It is seen to be ruled by Grimomen and is filled with evil demons that wish for nothing more than to treat humans as slaves. Key areas of Demon World are the capital city of Demonopolis and the Pitcastle.

On his quest to save his friends, Shion visited through a dimensional portal in The Great Deep. Upon crossing through to the other side, he was immediately accosted by border control demons Schwartz and Egger, who called for paperwork allowing entry into Demon World. The warrior swiftly dealt with them with magic and headed to the centre of Demonopolis, speaking to The Shame Inn landlord Drum. This information led Shion to the Pitcastle where he defeated Grimomen and freed the villagers, with the portal dropping them all back off in Monster World. It is currently unknown who is the ruler of the dimension now.


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