Derek Wombat was a candidate for the presidency of Mobius during Sonic the Comic Issue 101's Vote For Me story. He ran against fellow politician Giles Baboon and, like his opponent, he allowed his competitive nature to get the better of him. He engaged Baboon in a brawl on the streets of Metropolis in a hi-tech battlesuit (where he and Baboon got those suits is not stated) and showed clear disregard for the safety of the citizens whose votes he depended on. Both Derek and Giles were tied up by Sonic, who Derek attempted to bribe with free chilli dogs for life in exchange for a vote and his release. Sonic told the two rivals that they'd have to work together to free themselves.

Derek Wombat's candidacy failed miserably as no one voted at all. Whether or not he tried running for a Zone Leader position is unknown... but unlikely.


During the political debate, Wombat made the following pledges:-

  • Free school gravy for every child
  • Reducing the number of buttons on shirts
  • Whiter snow at Christmas (Who knows how he could possibly keep that one)

Wombat also vowed to consider assisting recovery of victimized ant colonies and planned to destroy the Metropolis Zone and build a car park over it (an idea that Baboon accused Wombat of stealing from him).

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