If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man.

Dicing With Death is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 240 of Sonic the Comic Online.


Story: Jamie J
Black and white art: Adamis
Colouring: Chris G
Lettering: Charles Ellis


Dicing With Death is told in past tense, in the style of someone relaying a story. The story opens with an insect named The Dice entering a casino, claiming to have planted bombs throughout the building and threatening to detonate them unless the staff let him play the tables and win as much as he wants. The owner confronts The Dice as he starts playing and winning, demanding to know who he represents. The Dice claims to come from a rival Family casino, and issues his challenge: Find and disarm all the bombs before the casino is bankrupted. At a loss, the manager sends his staff into the maintenance passages in search of the bombs, while the narrator informs readers that he planted the bombs in the first place. Back on the tables, The Dice lays out the rules: There are two bombs. If the game is stopped, or if he loses, the bombs are detonated. Fortunately, Sonic and Tails show up (suitably dressed of course). Sonic sprints off to find the bombs, while Tails starts playing with The Dice, having no idea how the game works. While Sonic disarms the first bomb, under Porker's guidance, Tails continues to play, intending to lose. He somehow wins, infuriating The Dice, who demands a rematch.
Sonic returns to the casino floor with the disarmed bomb, musing on how the Special Zone Insects have caused nothing but trouble since their arrival, while The Dice rapidly grows angrier with Tails and threatens to kill everyone if the fox wins again. Suddenly, one of the workers finds the last bomb and calls Sonic over, just as Tails unfortunately wins again. As Dice prepares to detonate the bomb, Sonic struggles to open the casing and realises there's only one option, though it's never been done before: creating a massive sonic vortex around the bomb as it explodes. As the dust settles, Sonic lays on the floor unconscious. He stirs a few seconds later, much to Tails' relief, but is concerned that he almost went Super in the struggle. The Dice is taken into police custody, but the narrator vows that he'll post the bail before he gets the blame. He muses happily on how he had the time and talent to put such a scenario together. Why? Because our humble narrator, Bean the Dynamite, head of security, has a boring job.


- Tails seems to have a natural gift for the old insect card game, Blacksnap.
- The picture cards have pictures of one of Vesper's wasps, Harvestman, the Queen Bee and the Love Bug.
- The crocodile staff member who finds the second bomb makes a cameo in In Cold Blood.
- Bean mentions how he dated one of the Freedom Fighters, calling her a clever bird, but that he taught her all she knows about bombs. The general consensus among fans is that he is referring to Tekno, but this is unconfirmed.
- Bean would later go on to make cameos in Ultimatum and House of the Dead: Resurrection Men. He has not had a major role since this strip however.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was The Inside Story. The next story was Out of Psyche, Out of Mind.

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