Sonic with one of the Discriminators. Art by Richard Elson.

The Discriminators are a group of super-villains from the Special Zone. Led by Baron X, the Discriminators are based in New Tek City on Planet Meridian. On a regular occasion, they take on the heroic Justice Brigade, as well as the Chaotix Crew, although neither side as a clear motive for taking part in the street brawls.

Due to the frenetic nature of the battle, it is unclear which of the fighters actually belonged to the Discriminator faction. A burly brown mammal briefly convinced Sonic the Hedgehog that he was "one of the good guys" after sneaking up on him. The villain quickly revealed his true intentions, smirking as he violently punched Sonic in the head. Sonic returned the favour and knocked him out. Elsewhere, Mighty the Armadillo was seen thumping a green bat-like creature.

Following the brawl, the New Tek police force arrived to arrest all participants, leading the Discriminators and their rivals to flee the scene.


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