The Don's first appearance, with Gamble

Don Long-Legs is the boss of criminal organisation The Family. The Don is a highly-secretive spider, spending almost all of his time with Max Gamble in the Roulette Palace. Although he has only been seen to be playing chess with Gamble on one occasion, The Don was actually instrumental in the plan that saw Herne attack the Freedom Fighters, plant Zip on the fur of Tails and culminated with Oscura swap minds with Sonic the Hedgehog. It is also implied that he ordered Harvestman to execute Big the Cat and sent the Love Bug to mess with Amy Rose.

The Don was briefly seen leading the defence of the Casino Night Zone, shooting down Badniks from inside his limousine. He later returned, along with the rest of his Family, to discuss how well their "relief" operation was going against the New Robotnik Empire. On discovering that the Seaside Hill Zone was under attack, the Don ordered Harvestman to deliver "little friend", a bomb strong enough to destroy all of the robots.

It was reported that Don Long-Legs (going by the name Donovan) had successfully sued the Kane Broadcasting Company for £1 million after their Pananana programme discussed rumours of the Don being the head of the Family. As there was no concrete proof, Long-Legs received the pay-out, yet issued a thinly-veiledd threat to anyone else who dared to accuse him.


Don Long-Legs has never been fully seen; all of his appearances were in shadow.

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