*Gasp* Is this the end for our intrepid hero? Answers on a postcard.

Double Sonic is an nine-page complete story published in The Official Sonic the Hedgehog Yearbooks. It is also the only item in the 1991/2 Yearbook, outside of the cover and the inner linings (which included screenshots from Sonic the Hedgehog 2), to feature Tails.


  • This story is uncredited.


Sonic is taking a breather in the Green Hill Zone, pausing under the shade of a palm to snack on cola and... Maltesers (I would have thought that the Hedgehog With Attitude wouldn't settle for anything less than a Snickers), when it occurs to him that the environment is strangely quiet. He begins to worry that his friends have fallen afoul of Doctor Robotnik and sets off in search of them.  Sonic destroys a pair of badniks that waylay him, discovering from the Mobians trapped inside that many more of them have been imprisoned inside one of

Sonic grabs some rings.

Robotnik's 'Egg Capsule' trap-tanks at the edge of the Zone. Sonic hot-foots it to the tank's location and immediately launches a spin-attack to break it open, but the tank is fake - instead of being a prison, it's a booby-trap, and explodes on contact!

While Sonic is down and dazed from the blast, Robotnik appears, preparing to crush Sonic with the Wrecking Ball Eggmobile - he's forced off by a fortunate intervention from Tails. After Tails helps Sonic up, the two heroes retreat to a cave, while Sonic indulges in a spot of carpentry as part of an undisclosed plan to counter Robotnik.

Sonic runs back out into the open to counter Robotnik, but after a brief clash he spins off and disappears from sight. A perplexed Robotnik searches for his errant foe, eventually discovering him leaning relaxedly against a palm tree and apparently oblivious to Robotnik's presence. Excited at getting the drop on his hated enemy, Robotnik wastes no time in sweeping in and literally crushing Sonic with a swing of the wrecking ball... only to find that 'Sonic' is not crushed to a pulp, but instead shatters like matchwood...?

The figure in question was a decoy itself - Sonic turned the principle of Robotnik's booby-trap against him - and Sonic uses the distraction as an opportunity to reappear and launch a devastating attack which destroys the wrecking ball. Exit Robotnik, humiliated.

Sonic runs off to find Tails, who has discovered where the Mobians have been really hidden - inside a rather more humble padlocked and boarded-up wooden hut. Sonic easily breaks this apart with a tornado generated by his super-speed, and the peaceful inhabitants of the Green Hill Zone are free once more.


  • Both Tail and Sonic surprise Robotnik before the destruction of the decoy, but despite those advantages neither of them uses the opportunity to wreck the wrecking ball. We can only assume that Sonic held back because he thought that if he had gone to the trouble of building a replica of himself, he may as well use it.
  • The yolk runs thin in the story, and "Egg-" puns are relatively few:
    • Eggs-cellent.
    • Eggs-citing.
  • Sonic's Cool Dude Lingo, helpfully asterisked and translated for the happenin' readership, is also mercifully brief.
    • "Totally stoaked[sic]" - "very happy"
    • "Lagging" - "slow"


This story is a standalone oneshot and does not reference or influence any other tales.

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