Dream On i

Living the dream, literally... Art by Carl Flint and John M Burns.

s a Amy Rose complete story, co-starring Tekno the Canary, which appeared in Issue 145 of Sonic the Comic. The adventure was part of the Eternity Ring story arc.



As part of their journey through the Ring of Eternity, Amy and Tekno soon find themselves heading towards a bright light. Upon landing, the heroes find a strange world covered in snow. Even weirder, Tekno's scanner reveals static rather than planetary location. A screaming man running past them could just be the clue they need. Stopping him, Amy asks what's wrong, telling him that Christmas can't hurt anyone. She might be wrong there, as they turn to see a massive snowman, turkey and Christmas pudding ready to attack. Dodging the attack, the man begins to chase a Christmas present on legs. Tekno realises they are in this man's nightmare and Amy is ready to wake him up and get them out of there, but Tekno stops her, guessing that waking him up will end the dream... and themselves. The man begins to cry, despairing that the present got away from him. He reveals to the girls that he lost his job a few weeks ago and now can't afford to buy presents. Tekno informs him that Christmas isn't all about presents and his kids would be happy with whatever he can get them. As the alien realises she's right and his mood lifts, the nightmare becomes a dream full of Christmas cheer.

As Amy and Tekno disappear, the man wakes up to his family on Christmas morning. Somehow, the postman has come this morning and delivered a letter, one that contains a offer to start work in the New Year! With things looking up, Father Christmas flies off after cheering up yet another family. Times are good for the girls too, as the Eternity Ring drops them off in the Emerald Hill Zone for Christmas. With a few days off, the girls share a party with Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails and Shortfuse the Cybernik.


  • Just like the rest of this issue's stories, the credits are wrong. The artist of the story is credited as Roberto Corona rather than Flint.
  • The story shares a key similarity with Going Crackers in that the heroes are attempting to show someone that Christmas isn't just about presents and decorations - it's the Christmas spirit that counts.
  • It is revealed that the Eternity Ring can not only send people to new worlds and times, but to people's dreams as well.
  • Shortfuse is seen to be hlding a drink, even though he can't drink it.


The previous Amy Rose story was When in Romanus. The next is New Year Out.

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