Drowned i

Under the sea... Art by Abigail Ryder.

s a complete story starring Sonic the Hedgehog in Issue 224 of Sonic the Comic Online. The story is the first ever story of the online edition of Sonic the Comic.



Sonic the Hedgehog, Porker Lewis and Ebony are in an underwater vehicle, searching for the sunken Floating Island. Sonic is irritable; Porker is spouting "techno-nonsense", he is still annoyed at Ebony's insistence that Super Sonic was a pacifist and he has spent all morning sorting out Doctor Robotnik's asylum placement. Suddenly, the engines begin overheating and Porker declares they need to evacuate, despite being at the bottom of the ocean. Fortunately, they spot an underground city, but Sonic spots that the creatures surrounding it are Drakons! They have to evacute, however, and Sonic tries fighting the enemy. Too soon, Sonic runs out of air and passes out.

Waking up, he finds that he is still alive and that the 'enemy' wasn't trying to kill him, merely save him. Although they resemble Drakon Prosecutors, this race descended from them long ago and only know 'legends' of the Drakon Empire. The heroes are shown "The Power", the heart of the creatures' civilisation. However, it is actually a ball of Chaos energy and Sonic can feel himself changing into Super Sonic. Porker rescues him and explains to the natives how dangerous Super can be. Sonic remarks that he almost felt a peaceful presence, leading Ebony to believe the pacifist is still in there somewhere. Later, the Elders agree to help Sonic travel to the "fallen island". As Sonic tells Porker not to worry, a transport (actually a giant fish) arrives and takes Sonic away in its mouth.


  • Several pages of this issue are now of poor quality, seriously blurring the artwork in places. This was down to the pages being downloaded, shrunk, uploaded to a filespace and the original versions being lost - much to the chagrin of Tom Huxley. Despite this, Ed Reynolds was proud they managed to ride out the mistake.
  • There seems to be no reason for Ebony to be in this story, other than to act as some sort of antagonist in a later story.


There were no previous Sonic the Hedgehog stories in STC-O, although the last original Sonic story in Sonic the Comic was Point of No Return!. The next Sonic story is The Lost World.

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