Dwarves "possessed" by snaked. Art by Mike White.

Dwarves are a race that live in the world of The Legend of the Golden Axe. Many of them live in the caverns of Hammerynth, ruled by Queen Silpantia-Dragontamer and protected by the stronghold of Rockguard and the elders. All dwarves are shorter than most humans and the majority are bearded (the rest just have moustaches) and wear some sort of hat. One notable dwarf is Gilius-Thunderhead, friend of Ax-Battler and Tyris-Flare, who starred in many of the Golden Axe video games. Gilius has a sister, Yuki-Plantcharmer, who accompanied him when the Hammerynth caverns were invaded by Cobraxis and his snake army. The pair also had a father, but he was killed trying to defend Rockguard from Cobraxis. Other dwarves were hypnotised in this battle to take the side of the wizard priests, fighting against their own kind.

Dwarves are said to be the only race to have enchanted metal which is what the Golden Axe is made of. At least one dwarf has a special relationship with Cloudburner and other dragons. Dwarves are shown to have an extreme appetite; Gilius is constantly eating, his father would rather eat than see a doctor and his wake is celebrated with a massive feast.

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