Earth Attacks is a 2-part Sonic the Comic story, beginning in Issue 146.



Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Johnny Lightfoot and Shortfuse the Cybernik are gathered in the Emerald Hill Zone, ready to welcome in the start of 1999. The bells chime and nothing bad has happened yet... until a portal opens and several angry human soldiers arrive, shooting anything in sight. Colonel Granite emerges, jubilant that he's created an inter-dimensional gateway to Mobius. The human declares Mobius to be a new territory of Earth and urges the Mobians to surrender or die. Sonic leads the Freedom Fighters into a battle with the soldiers as Tails recalls Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary's previous dealings with these idiots. As both the humans and Mobians show amazement at each other, Johnny is blasted by one of the soldiers. Granite reveals that he wants to colonise Mobius and sell the land to industrial developers, meaning the inhabitants have to be disposed of. Sonic and Shortfuse try to attack the threat together, but Shortfuse is flattened by the arrival of a tank through the portal. Sonic uses his Spin Attack to wreck the tank but ends up on Earth, debris from the tank blocking his way back. Instead, he searches for an exit to Granite's underground base without getting shot at. Eventually finding the way out, he discovers the true Earth - it's New Year's Eve in London and it's noisy, overcrowded and polluted - everything Sonic can't stand.

Back on Mobius, Shortfuse is unconscious, Tails and Johnny have been tied to a tree and with Amy and Tekno on their travels through the Eternity Ring and Doctor Robotnik no longer around, Granite has free reign to take over the planet. Tails wonders where Sonic has gone, but the hedgehog is coughing his way through a busy London. He comes across a group of protestors, trying to save the planet. When they discover that Sonic is not a protestor in costume, but a real alien, Sonic demands that he sees their leader. Sure enough, Sonic is taken to see the Prime Minister, where he explains his situation. The Prime Minister is shocked at Granite's actions, unaware he had been planning an invasion from London and Scotland. Discovering Granite has another base, Sonic bursts out of Downing Street with a map, racing to Scotland. Soon, Sonic has made his way back to Mobius thanks to, presumably, another portal in Granite's Scotland base. Sonic fights off the soldiers, but is forced to stop when a tank aims its cannon directly at Tails and Johnny. Seemingly defeated, Sonic watches as storm clouds gather and a bolt of lightning rips through the tank. The bad weather gets worse, picking up the humans and throwing them around. Granite refuses help from Sonic and Shortfuse and soon finds himself, along with the other troops, back through the gateway and on Earth. Granite orders everyone to prepare for another attack, but the Military Police are here to arrest him, under orders from the Prime Minister.

Later, with the weather returned to normal, Shortfuse wonders whether or not they were saved by Mother Nature herself, fighting back against plans to pollute the planet. Sonic winks to the reader, not sure what to believe.


  • Colonel Granite reveals his first name to be Percy, naming Mobius Planet Percy in his honour. Mobius' new flag also has his face adorned on it.
  • If Nature itself had fought back against plans for pollution, why hadn't it done so years ago when Doctor Robotnik started building toxic factories?
  • The Prime Minister is Tony Blair, actual PM at the time the story was published.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Child's Play. The next is It's A Small World.

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