Earth Spirits is a complete story starri

Sonic is cynical about human behaviour. Art by Mick McMahon.

ng Sonic the Hedgehog in Issue 166. The action takes place on Planet Earth, specifically 1860s North America. The story is the first in the Time Zone story arc, if Worlds Collide is not taken into account.



On the eve of a great battle, a Shaman of a Native American tribe is calling for help from the spirits. Chief Thundercloud is not convinced and needs the tribe to be ready for war. The next day, cowboys arrive on horses to massacre those considered different when Sonic and Amy Rose show up suddenly. Figuring he's in the middle of a battle, Sonic spin-attacks one of the cowboys and they run off. The Shaman graciously thanks the 'spirits' for helping, but when Sonic declares he isn't a spirit, the Chief captures them for being intruders, with the help of the Shaman's herbal sleeping potion. The next day, with Sonic and Amy captured and left in a tent, the cowboys return. However, a great gust of wind attacks them and they flee again, promising never to return. The Chief believes that Sonic broke free and helped again, but he is still tied up. The Indians finally believe that the spirits exist and free the hedgehogs on this day of celebration. It remains ambiguous over whether Sonic did in fact help, but a totem pole depicting Sonic and Amy is erected in the village.


  • Earth Spirits is generally considered to be one of the worst Sonic stories in the original print run. The combination of the Time Zone stories, poorly-received art from McMahon and little action from Sonic, along with other factors, led to its poor reception.
  • Amy says only 5 lines in the entire story and contributes little else to suggest she should have been there at all.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Worlds Collide. The next is Superzone.

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