Tails wrestles with a difficult decision.

Easy Target is a complete Tails story which appeared in Issue 87 of Sonic the Comic.


Script: Lew Stringer
Art: Carl Flint
Colouring: Pre-Press
Lettering: Tom Frame


A unicorn is under attack by four Badniks, but luckily Tails is on hand to help. He takes three out on his own, but the last and biggest Badnik grabs and begins to crush him. Suddenly, Tails is saved by the unicorn, who fires a blast of energy from his fingertips, putting the Badnik out of commission. The unicorn introduces himself as Forelock, a visitor, and offers to grant Tails a wish as a reward for helping him. After thinking for a moment, Tails decides that he'd like Mobius to be free from Dr Robotnik, to which Forelock agrees. With a flash of light, they have moved to an apartment in the city, and Tails is holding a sniper rifle. In the streets below, Robotnik is holding a parade for himself. Forelock has provided Tails an opportunity to free Mobius from Robotnik though assassinating the dictator. Tails takes aim, but quickly throws the gun down, appalled at what he's about to do. In another flash of light, they are back in the wilderness. Forelock tells Tails the whole thing was an illusion he created to test the fox. Tails made the right choice however: if he had pulled the trigger, he would have been as bad as Robotnik. Forelock floats into the air, saying if Tails follows his good instincts his wish will come true. When Tails asks which Zone Forelock is from, the unicorn cryptically states that he didn't say he was from Mobius and vanishes. Tails wanders away, reflecting on what he's learned and wondering what would have happened if he had pulled the trigger.


  • Forelock's clothes change colours throughout the story. We don't know if this is an error or a deliberate sign of his unearthly origin and powers.
  • Robotnik does fall within a few months, as Forelock foretold, and Robotnik is even warned of this a few issues later by Father Christmas - by this time, The Final Victory was in the planning stages.


The previous Tails story was Trooper Trouble. The next story was Small Change.

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