Eelton fights Sonic, art from Mick McMahon

Eelton John is an eel who lives in the underwater Zone of Trituna. Highly skilled at fighting, Eelton is an electric eel and, as such, can fire bolts of electricity at his foes, particularly effective underwater. He was sent up to the surface of the Beanson Coast Zone by Sharka Khan (aided by a serum capable of allowing marine life to breathe on land, temporarily) to defeat Sonic the Hedgehog. John was the first combatant to face the hedgehog, unleashing his skill on the foe. Unfortunately, John's long body allowed Sonic to easily grab him and slam him into a boulder, ending his fight.

Back underwater, Eelton John attempted to fight Sonic in his own territory but wasn't any more successful, ultimately regretting having his lunch so soon before fighting the hero. Eventually, Eelton was one of the Tritunas to discover Khan's treachery and vowed to rule the Zone alongside his friends. Subsequently, John was never seen again.


  • Eelton John is an obvious parody of singer and pianist Elton John.


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