Eggrobo 49

EggRobos are third-generation Badniks. EggRobos are made to resemble their creator Doctor Robotnik. They are humanoid with short egg-shaped bodies, equipped with jet packs for flight and carry laser pistols. Some EggRobos have also been customised on occasion with additional features, such as a visual feed in their eyes so that Robotnik can see what they see, and even a cloaking device.

They first appeared as the Death Egg's external defense force. EggRobos made later appearances in other stories, attacking Amy Rose as she took a spinner from the Marble Garden Zone for a test flight, using a Control Disc on Shortfuse the Cybernik and accompanying the brainwashed Shorty on a mission to kill Sonic, and they were also seen at the beginning of The Battle For Mobius.

EggRobos were originally enemies that featured in Sonic & Knuckles' Sky Sanctuary Zone. One EggRobo torments Knuckles the Echidna throughout his entire game, appearing in place of Robotnik during boss fights.


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