Art by Nigel Dobbyn

Ekkletos is the spiritual leader of the Tantaror. Unlike his subjects, who consist of cat and dog-like creatures, Ekkletos closely resembles an elephant.


Residing in the Tantaror dimension, Ekkletos learned of three "heretics" that chose to follow Orkym-Ro. Following the evil priest's death, the rebels planned to build a monument to him, using Mobian slaves to do the work. Ekkletos objected to this treatment and planned to punish them. To bring the heretics to him, Ekkletos aimed to remotely operate the Tantaragor Idol, a teleportation device in their possession, using it to bring them to him. However, unknown to Ekkletos, the device had recently been stolen by Captain Plunder, leading to the deity summoning Plunder, a number of Sky Pirates, Knuckles the Echidna and part of Scourge Bay. Plunder initially feigned ignorance when questioned by Ekkletos, but Knuckles, keen to not feel the being's wrath, revealed everything, including his desire to free the Mobian slaves. Ekkletos happily used the Idol to teleport Knuckles back to the Tantaror Ghost Ship.

After a struggle between Knuckles and the Tantaror, the aliens were able to retrieve the teleporter and attempted to return to their home dimension. However, they were actually already there, transported by Ekkletos (through the Tantaragor Idol) whilst distracted by Knuckles. In this time, Ekkletos was able to grow to an enormous size to intimidate the heretics and promised that their punishment would be "most severe". After apologising for using Knuckles as bait, Ekkletos sent the Scourge Bay residents back to Mobius, taking the Idol back after its job was done.