Eldorado was a real-world soap opera that ran on the BBC from July 6th 1992 to July 9th 1993. The soap, designed to be as good as Eastenders and a serious competitor to Coronation Street, was regarded as an embarrassing failure for the corporation, gaining consistently low ratings at the start of its run. Despite eventually picking itself and attracting 9-10 million viewers on average, the show was cancelled by the new BBC controller.

Eldorado has now become a by-word for shockingly bad programmes that are not destined to succeed. On the 12th June 1993, Doctor Robotnik confessed he'd rather watch a whole episode of the show than fight Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower at the same time. Unfortunately for Robotnik, the show would have been cancelled just 2 issues later.


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