For stories involving the Eternity Ring as a fixed portal to new Zones, see the Time Zone story arc.

The Eternity Ring story arc refers to a series of stories in which Amy Rose and Tekno the Canary travelled through time and space with the help of the Eternity Ring. The culmination of this story arc proved to be the last secondary story of Sonic the Comic, as the comic was immediately turned into 1-part original story, 3-parts reprint.


In the Snowcap Mountain Zone, Amy and Tekno have arrived to investigate strange scanner readings in the Zone. The pair have to face several odd happenings, such as avalanches, spike traps and ghostly monsters. Surviving this, the Eternity ring, a combination of science and magic, appears before them. It states that it is a gateway between all other worlds and these worlds need help. Amy and Tekno instantly accept the task of helping them.

First run

The first planet they visit is Planet Granite (presumably nothing to do with Colonel Granite, just a play on words), where they prevented a full-blown war between the Thickskull Tribe and the Meek Tribe by way of laughter and a peaceful chat over cucumber sandwiches. They instantly reappear onboard spaceship prison, Astratraz, where intelligent puppet inmates have taken over. Tekno saves the day by leading them to Planet Terminus, where the wooden mutineers are eaten by giant termites.

Two issues later, Amy and Tekno return to Mobius, but 3000 years in the future! The citizens ridicule the girls for their outdated technology compared to theirs, but when evil robot Gremlyn appears and absorbed the city's electrical energy, it's down to the heroes to thwart him with a medieval weapon. The adventure ends with the citizens unable to warn the girls about what is to come (having already learnt about it).

The next stop is Kansas, Earth in the year 1870, where they stop an attempted robbery. They learn that a group of construction robots are in the desert and, as Tekno goes to investigate, she is gunned down. She is about to be killed when "Deputy" Amy rescues her, before the two are joined by Colonel Granite... The tyrant reveals he has been secretly developing a time machine, where he plans to use 1998 technology to sweep across the old world and become its master. As Granite orders his troops to shoot the Mobians, the Sheriff arrives and saves them. Amy and Tekno barge Granite back into the time machine where they arrive in present-day Earth. Granite orders Tekno to program Mobius' co-ordinates into the computer which they do. They escape, however, and set the machine to explode behind them. Unknown to them, the humans have a back-up of the co-ordinates.

Next time, the girls arrive, through the Eternity Ring, back on Mobius, but it seems to have been invaded by dinosaurs in spacesuits. After a brief scuffle, the "invaders" explain that they are actually here to create life, not destroy it, and the Ring explains that it is a reward for their work so far. Next, they are taken to the planet of Romanus, where they are forced to take part in a gladiator-style battle to the death - with each other. It seems that Tekno is forced to kill Amy, otherwise Emperor Zero will kill all the slaves. Unknown to anyone else, Tekno has turned her gun into a teleporter, sending Amy to the slave pits. There, she fights a killer robot and disables the energy dome around the city, allowing the authorities to arrest Zero and free the slaves. Finally, the girls arrive in an alien's dream, whose abstract thoughts turn out to be because he lost his job and can't buy Christmas presents for his family. When Amy and Tekno assure him that Christmas is about more than that, he is much happier and wakes up to his family, with the offer of a job! Meanwhile, Amy and Tekno return home, given a Christmas break for their hard work.

After Christmas

The break doesn't last long. As Granite invades Mobius, Amy and Tekno continue on their travels. They appear in another odd world, where ghosts of years gone past have to avoid the Time Waster as the spirit of 1930 wants to turn back time. After a heart-to-heart, they go to their next adventure on a world of giants. Tekno battles a spider intent on eating her while Amy tries to mess with the mind of Agent Skog so he doesn't start a world war. Subsequent adventures see the girls convince a fat Hercules to acknowledge that everyone is equal and help Xenor Krell fight Serpentus, guardian of the Ultragem, Krell actually turning out to be a thieving villain.

In their final adventure, Amy and Tekno arrive in a grey planet that resembles 1920's Chicago, even more so when they're attacked by gangsters. They're soon arrested by police officers who just happened to turn up. Fleeing them, they're not wanted by two groups. After helping a citizen escape a beating (but gives no thanks), more gangsters appear, melting through the walls and floors. The girls realise something is up, when Mobian criminal Max Gamble pulls up in a car. Gamble explains that he followed the girls when they first entered the Eternity Ring in the Snowcap Mountain Zone to escape from the law and found himself in this gangster world. He then places Amy and Tekno in a barrel of concrete and prepares to push them into the ocean when the barrels disappear. Amy has sussed that they are on a wish world, where thoughts become reality. As the heroes wish away the gangsters, Gamble invents some more. To even the odds, Amy and Tekno dream up superheroes and a massive battle of willpower emerges. With Gamble's mind beaten, the world reverts to its original, modelling clay-like state. To make sure Gamble doesn't stay behind to create a intergalactic army, Tekno wishes for a way back home, taking him with them.

Arriving back through the Eternity Ring, they realise its been moved to the Blueberry Hill Zone, where failed singer Fabian Vane is being sent on a universal tour through the Ring by his "fans". Tekno realises its a set-up and a fight breaks out against the people who want Fabian to be killed. A clumsy punch at Gamble hits the Eternity Ring and it rolls down the hill, smashing at the bottom! With Vane and Gamble's help, the girls put the monument back together and the Ring reactivates itself. The adventure is over, but the Ring is waiting should they need its help.


All stories were written by Lew Stringer, with art provided by either Roberto Corona or Carl Flint. The series was presented under the "Amy" banner, despite all the stories featuring Amy & Tekno.


The series was relatively poorly received among the fanbase, with the short stories and throwaway plots not gelling with readers favouring epic storylines surrounding Sonic the Hedgehog and Doctor Robotnik. Other criticisms are aimed at the length of time spent away from Mobius and the focus on Amy and Tekno, two of the comic's more minor characters. However, there are those who enjoyed the quirky nature of the strips, with Day One considered as a particular fan favourite.

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