Facebook is a social-networking website that allows groups of friends to stay in touch and share various media. Developed in 2004 in its current guise, the website has overtaken websites such as Myspace and Bebo to become the world's biggest social network, although it is currently competing with micro-blogger Twitter.

As of Issue 253, under the stewardship of new editor Stiv, Sonic the Comic Online began to maintain a presence on Facebook, advertising this news in the Control Zone. Currently, the STC-O page announces new issue releases and if there have been any updates to the current issue. There is also a gallery of all STC-O front covers and pictures of Megadroid, who supposedly mans the page. Before this page appeared, there was a Sonic the Comic "wiki-esque" page describing STC's work, plus an STC group that contained Boomers that were fans of the original comic. As well as this, many members of the Message Zone have a Facebook account and are joined by previous Humes from the comic such as Richard Elson, Nigel Dobbyn, Lew Stringer, Carl Flint and Nigel Kitching.

Facebook has also been mentioned in an STC-O Decap Attack strip. Head becomes addicted to the social-networking site, posing as Angus Beauthorpington, a handsome young adult fim star from Chiswick with his own pet leopard and 1,117 friends. Head despairs when Chuck D. Head pulls him away before he can take the "sexiness test" or refresh his page one more time. Some time later, Head is still seen to be addicted to Facebook, although loses his interest when his friends want to buy and sell him as a friend (possibly referring to a once-popular application that involved trading friends for "money"). This comes to a head when a customer in Wishy Washy actually buys Head from Professor Frank N. Stein.

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