Fashion Victims is
Fashion Victims

Tails can't believe what some people will wear. Art by Andy Pritchett.

a Tails complete story appearing in Issue 125 of Sonic the Comic.



Tails is visiting the Eldorado Zone and it seems he's just in time for a fancy dress party. The citizens aren't amused, stating their "costumes", made up of bits of old Badnik debris. "Junk culture" may be expensive, but it's the latest trend started by fashion guru Velvet Smythe. Just as Tails proclaims that everyone looks ridiculous, Smythe walks onto the scene, greeted by his fans. The cool Smythe briefly greets Tails, asking if Tails has been beating more Badniks lately. Unfortunately, Tails states that things have been quiet lately, much to Smythe's disappointment. If he's going to get more Badnik accessories, he'll need to come up with a plan.

Later, on a TV chat show, Smythe reveals that he's not the only celebrity in town, since Tails is currently patrolling the area. Doctor Robotnik immediately launches Badnik Squadron-Z from Flickies' Island to fight the hero. Soon enough, the Badniks reach the Zone, but Smythe confesses his trust in Tails' ability. Tails seems to struggle and things are made worse when Smythe distracts the fox, asking him to pull his punches so as not to damage the "merchandise" too much. In disbelief, Tails is knocked to the ground by a sneaky Badnik and the same Badnik captures Smythe. As the three robots fly away, Tails comes to his senses and smashes all three threats. Unfortunately, with Smythe in mid-air, the designer is sent plummeting to the ground, where he falls through a hedge. The idol looks a mess with leaves in his air and his clothes ripped, but his fans simply decide it is the next best thing, ripping their own clothes and proclaiming the latest fad to be "retro-scruffy". Tails leaves, amazed that Smythe can still be a role model.


  • Although the Badnik parts are mostly of Robotnik's newer line, some parts seem to come from a Batbrain model and there's a solitary wheel possibly taken from a Moto Bug.
  • Tails destroyed the Badnik holding Smythe without a thought to the height. If there had been no soft landing below Smythe, it could have been a nasty end for the businessman...
  • Robotnik sends out his Badniks to attack Tails once he learns of his position. It might be wondered why he doesn't send Badniks to the areas where the heroes aren't, since the fox is more than a match for the Badniks.
  • The Badniks kidnap Smythe and nobody else, despite the order being to "attack the Eldorado Zone". Since there were three of them, it may have been wise for the Flyzipper Badniks to bag themselves a prize, too.
  • Robotnik appears to like the chat show broadcast from the Eldorado Zone.


The previous Tails story was Recipe For Disaster. The next is Desert Fox.

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