Fire-Breath's first appearance

Fire-Breath is the (possible) name of a creature featured in the first story in the Kid Chameleon series. Met in the sewers of Wildside, Casey encountered this slimy foe as Red Stealth who gave the foe its name. Red Stealth originally had no quarrel with Fire-Breath and was happy to leave it alone until he realised it had Suzi captive.

As the name suggests, Fire-Breath can shoot fire from one of its several mouths. Narrating, Casey also states that Fire-Breath "looks like" it knows up to twelve different martial arts. An unexpected twist happened when Red Stealth's repeated blows against the creature caused it shrink. Without his sword, Red Stealth fought Fire-Breath well for a while, but it was Suzi who finally defeated the creature with Red Stealth's sword.


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