Fisherton from outside. Art by M DJ Boyann.

Fisherton is a harbour town in Monster World, situated along the coast and joined to at least one other village by a country road and a cliff. Because of its collection of small boats and a pier, the town was probably largely a fishing town, with other minor industries playing a part in its economy. In 1993, Grimomen and other demons from Demon World visited Fisherton on a "sales trip", actually arriving to kidnap the entire population and turn them into slaves. Shion the Wonder Boy turned up and tried to save his kin from capture, but proved to be ineffective. After his defeat, Grimomen ordered that the town be burnt down in order to smoke out the remaining inhabitants.

One resident, Baila, showed Shion to a Smuggler's Tunnel below a house, used by criminals to carry goods from the shore to Fisherton. For some reason, the tunnel was guarded by a giant worm which Shion had to use magic to defeat. The other end of the tunnel led to the beach, where Shion said his goodbyes and ventured into the sea.

Fisherton is presumed to be completely destroyed after the attack, but it is unknown whether or not the Queen of Alsedo sent workmen to repair the town like she did for the home of Old Kevin. Baila came looking for Shion at the end of the story and asked if he wanted to stay with her, but it is uncertain if that was in Fisherton or a new home.


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