Fleabyte (and fleas), drawn by Roberto Corona

Fleabyte the Bounty Hunter is a minor villain from Sonic the Comic, acting as an antagonist to Miles "Tails" Prower. His first appearance was in Issue 73 and made the transition into Sonic the Comic Online, albeit briefly.


Little is known of Fleabyte's life, other than he is probably a fairly poor bounty hunter. The mangy cat has been ridden with fleas for quite some time and has become quite close to his parasites, believing their feelings to be hurt if insulted. Fleabyte's luck improved when he came across Tails in the Spring Flower Zone, aware that the fox had a bounty on his head. The cat persued Tails on the surface when Tails and new friend Tantrum fled underground and eventually captured them when they re-emerged. Fleabyte bound his captives tightly but forgot to tie-up Tails' namesakes, allowing him to fly Fleabyte into the air. The feline survived the subsequent fall but was defeated when Tantrum caused a rockfall, crushing Fleabyte.

Down on his luck, Fleabyte visited the Casino Night Zone to make money some other way. Although he found little in the way of consolation on the slot machines, Fleabyte successful managed to capture Tails once more. Unfortunately for him, the Zone was under threat by Commander Brutus and his Trooper army, which saw non-robot Fleabyte locked up with his adversary. The bounty hunter's robotic arm allowed him to escape and let Tails deal with their enemies. Fleabyte then tried to re-capture Tails but the hero turned the tables, capturing Fleabyte in his own net.

After a long break, Fleabyte returned in Sonic the Comic Online, definitely worse for wear. Somehow, after years of assumedly failed capture attempts and bad luck in the casinos, Fleabyte ended up in The Asylum, a place where the most dangerously isane criminals ended up. Fleabyte was said to be one of the prisoners who would cackle to himself or scream all day and shared a room with Doctor Robotnik and the armour of Vermin the Cybernik. Unlike the former ruler of Mobius, Fleabyte wasn't considered to be such high-risk as he wasn't made to wear a straitjacket.


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