Forelock is a unicorn of unknown origin. He is certainly not from Mobius and has only described himself as a visitor. He has several magic powers, including firing blasts of energy, flight, and creating illusory worlds.

In Forelock's only visit to Mobius, he was attacked by Badniks and rescued by Tails, though the unicorn had to help Tails out before the last Badnik nearly killed him. He offered to grant Tails a wish as a reward, and when the fox wished for Mobius' freedom from the tyranny of Dr Robotnik, Forelock presented Tails with an opportunity to assassinate the tyrant. Tails ultimately decided not to go through with it. Forelock revealed he was merely testing the young hero, and if he kept following his good instincts his wish would eventually come true. He departed Mobius in a flash with a cryptic clue as to his origins.

Forelock has not been seen since.


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