Fox on the Run is a 4-part Miles "Tails" Prower story, beginning in Issue 73 of Sonic the Comic. The story introduces a new temporary sidekick, Tantrum the Mouse, as well as semi-recurring villain Fleabyte the Bounty Hunter.



The adventure takes place in the Spring Flower Zone, where Tails' walk is interrupted by a Buzzer Badnik attack. Although initially unsure of how easy the upcoming fight would be, Tails quickly dispatches of one enemy and lets the other two collide into each other. Ready to continue his walk, he is disturbed by a loud wail and turns to see a crying mouse, one of the Badnik captives. Tails offers to take him home, but the boy, revealed to be called 'Tristram' (but called Tantrum due to his constant wailing), is from the Metropolis Zone. Tails is reluctant, but he "promised". As he turns to fly Tantrum away, a bullet flies past the pair and bounty hunter Fleabyte is ready to kill them for a hefty reward from Doctor Robotnik. As Fleabyte shoots, he finds his gun won't work, so Tails and Tantrum escape, only for Fleabyte to have a more powerful gun. As they flee, Tantrum falls down a pothole and Tails has no choice but to go after him.

Down in a cavern, Tantrum is upset that Tails didn't look after him and shouts at the fox, causing a rockfall to block their exit. On the surface, Fleabyte is tracking them with an infra-red scanner. Underground, Tails and Tantrum come across a large Crawlton Badnik on a narrow bridge. Despite Tails not being strong enough to fight the Badnik, he flies around its long body, causing it to tangle itself up. Curled up in a ball, the Crawlton falls into the lava. Victorious, Tails turns to see Tantrum hanging off the end of a collapsed bridge. He falls, but Tails flies to catch him. Struggling to get to safety, Tantrum's extra weight and the heat of the lava calls Tails to lose the ability to fly and they plunge downwards. Just before they hit the lava, they are caught by two Grabber Badniks. The two argue about how they will eat Tails and Tantrum and, as they do this, the heroes escape. Despite Tantrum constantly complaining, they find a new exit to the surface. Climbing up, Tantrum presses a hidden button and the walls start to close around them. Tails grabs hold of Tantrum and manages to fly outside just in time, though they surface just in time to meet Fleabyte again.

At his mercy, Fleabyte ties up Tails and Tantrum, but forgets to fasten Tails' tails. After being dragged a short while, Tails takes to the sky and carries a tethered Fleabyte with him. The cat tries to shoot Tails, but only succeeds in snapping the rope, plunging him back down to Mobius. Landing on his feet, he turns his attention to Tantrum, taking him hostage in exchange for Tails' surrender. Tails encourages Tantrum to cry again, causing a massive rockfall that engulfs the villain. Tantrum is finally returned home to his mother and asks to come on more adventures. Tails quickly flies off, knowing whatever he faces in the future will be a doddle compared to babysitting Tantrum.



This story was reprinted from Issue 175 to Issue 178.


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