Funny Old Game is a complete story in the Decap Attack series, first appearing in Issue 104 of Sonic the Comic.



The residents of Castle Frank N. Stein are attending the Slurp-A-Cheese Cup Final to cheer on their favourite team, Transylvania United. Igor reveals that the referee of the football match is the boss of Slurp-A-Cheese, also the sponsors of Black Forest Gateaux. The Gateaux fans cheer on the inevitable winners, enjoying Slurp-A-Cheese flavours 'chocolate' and 'strawberry milkshake', but Head is still confident the Garlics can get a win. With one minute to go, Professor Frank N. Stein concedes that it's going to be a draw, but Head has an idea, getting Chuck D. Head to grab the ball. As Head jumps into the pitch in place of the match ball, the referee awards a penalty against United for "pulling a rude face inside the penalty box". The Gateaux player takes a run-up but is shocked when Head suddenly springs up and bites his foot. The skull threatens to rip the striker's foot off if he doesn't do as he says, so the player begins to hop towards the other goal. Much to the fans' and teammates' confusion and anger, the player shoots Head into his own goal, gifting the win to the Garlics. As the referee vows never to officiate another football match, the Transylvanians celebrate an amazing win.


  • Football is introduced to the world of Decap Attack. The fans are stereotypically English supporters, despite the series taking place in Transylvania.
  • The referee is supposed to be the boss of Slurp-A-Cheese. However, that position is later shown to be taken by George Curdle.
  • Slurp-A-Cheese is introduced, later seen to be a favourite of Chuck. It's just spelled as "Slurp A Cheese".
  • Frank says the match will be a draw at 2-2 if nobody scores in the last minute. If this is a cup final, the match should go on to extra time.
  • The goalkeeper is wearing the same colour as his outfield players, something that doesn't usually happen.
  • One potential supporter of United is Mr Winkleton, who died wearing the team's colours.


The previous Decap Attack story was Life With the Snagsbys. The next is Wish.

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