Genesis is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which appeared in Issue 234 of Sonic the Comic Online.


Script: Ed Reynolds

B & W Art: Thalia Evans

Colouring: James Kennedy Whittaker

Lettering: Charles Ellis


Following the destruction of the Special Zone, Shadow, for reasons of his own, has taken Sonic back in time to the day Professor Ovi Kintobor arrived on Mobius, having lost his way while going to the supermarket. Shadow then takes Sonic to the occasions when Kintobor discovered the Chaos Emeralds in Emerald Hill Zone, learned how Chaos energy could be used, made contact with Equinox (which is how Sonic met the Omni-Viewer), made life more comfortable for the Emerald Hill folk and designed the first Star Posts. He soon goes on to reveal that the Drakons left a container in Emerald Hill, which held an unfinished weapon created from Chaos energy and Sonic's DNA in the war: Shadow himself, who was discovered, incomplete, by Kintobor and taught the ways of the world, making Shadow who he is. And thus, Shadow reveals his bubbling resentment of Sonic for turning Kintobor into Dr Robotnik, for the sake of stopping the Brotherhood of Metallix. The apathetic Shadow returns the pair to the present, flinging Sonic into a hovering prison and revealing his desire to follow his 'friend's' last wish: to destroy Mobius. Sonic tries to talk Shadow out of the idea, but to no avail. As Shadow departs with the Emeralds via Chaos Control, he tells Sonic of The Syndicate's main objective: To trigger all the raw Chaos energy on Mobius and set off a chain reaction, effectively blowing the planet up. As Sonic is left hovering above the ocean, Shadow returns to the Death Carrier, and quietly enters a darkened room, where he finds the deranged Robotnik tearing apart a Sonic doll....


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Fate of the Special Zone. The next story was Two Roads Diverged.


  • The word "Genesis" was also for the Sega Genesis, the U.S console version of the Mega Drive.

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