Giles Baboon was a politican who stood as candidate in the 1997 presidential election. A well-dressed
baboon, there was little to choose between himself and fellow candidate Derek Wombat. His competitive streak got him into trouble when a fight broke out between the two politicians, leading to Sonic the Hedgehog breaking up the battle before Metropolis City was completely destroyed.

Baboon (and Wombat) was unsuccessful in his attempt to become the next ruler of Mobius. It is unknown whether or not he attempted to become a Zone Leader after his defeat.


During the debate with Wombat, Baboon made several key pledges:

  • Promised to lower the legal haircut limit to elbow level
  • Vowed to ban the wearing of white socks
  • Pledged to encourage the forming of more boy bands

He also planned to address the eating of ants by anteaters (before Wombat could) and stated that Wombat had stole his plan to turn the Metropolis Zone into a massive car park.


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