Art by Mike White

Gilius-Thunderhead is a dwarf from The Legend of the Golden Axe and one of the main heroes from the series. Along with Ax-Battler and Tyris-Flare, Gilius attempted to return the Golden Axe to Yuria and enjoy some downtime from his adventures.


Some time prior to Sonic the Comic, the manual of the Golden Axe video game states that Gilius' twin brother was killed by the armies of Death Adder, so he joined forces with the two other heroes to bring down the threat. The second game saw Gilius and the others fight new enemy Dark Guld and reclaim the Golden Axe from his possession.

The first story, Citadel of Dead Souls, picks up soon after the three have taken the Golden Axe back to Yuria and are doing some shopping. When Ul-Tima and Rigia Mortius attack, Gilius is less than pleased at his lunch being interrupted and uses his ratburger as a weapon. Despite his best effort to beat the attacking minotaurs, Gilius and Tyris are captured while Ax is left to die. In the dungeons of Auropolis, Gilius refuses to let the situation stop him from making smart jokes and eventually kicks Rigia Mortius, sending her sword swinging into (a newly-captured) Ax's chains, breaking them. Gilius and Ax buy Bizarrians from the wizard-trader Proffit and rush to the Corpselands, where he destroys Ul-Tima and her skeleton army. The pair catch up with Tyris and discover that she has evaded death at the hands of Sorcerer Blackspell and Dark Guld. When Ax gets captured again, Gilius and Tyris rush to Firedrake Fell and combine their magic powers (stolen from unwitting elves) and defeat Dark Guld for good, retrieving the Golden Axe once more.

Plague of Serpents sees the trio returning to Yuria once again, only to find that Gilius' home, Rockguard has been invaded by Cobraxis and his army of snakes. Gilius helps in the battle against the priests but witnesses his father get fatally wounded. By using his magic, the battle ends for now and the Rockguard elders inform Gilius that Cobraxis has kidnapped Queen Silpantia-Dragontamer in order to find the enchanted metal. With Tyris wounded and Ax missing, Gilius volunteers to rescue the queen and reluctantly allows sister Yuki-Plantcharmer to come with him. The siblings come face to face with the evil Viprax and fight valiantly but are poisoned and captured. While being taken to Cobraxis on a cart, Gilius slides off and nearly falls down a ravine but wakes up and uses the Golden Axe to hook him up safety. Since Viprax believes him to be dead, Gilius secretly heads to the site of the queen and uses his axe to rescue her from a snake cage. As the fight gets out of hand, Gilius chops Cobraxis (now in the form of a snake) in half and knocks out Viprax before he can kill his sister. Unfortunately, his father died during the battle.


Gilius' main weapon is an axe, which he uses throughout the whole series (as he does in the video games). Although he begins with a simple battle-axe, he upgrades to the Golden Axe when he has to rescue his queen from Cobraxis. As well as this, his horned helmet is useful for ramming into enemies (again, as in the games). Aside from melee combat, Gilius can harness Earth magic to throw boulders at his foes, usually knocking them out. Combined with high-power magic and the skill of Tyris, the pair can conjure a tremor-causing phoenix that obliterates the area.


Gilius is highly stubborn, presumably like most dwarves, and won't give up in a fight easily. Although small, he can easily wield an axe to devastating effect, killing foes with one hit. He also has a large appetite, enjoying burgers, beetle soup, stuffed mice and a bag of insects. This trait seems to have come from his father, who obsessed over food even when his death was drawing near. Despite this weakness, his appetite for food can be replaced for one for revenge when his family are threatened. Gilius planned to free Hammerynth from Cobraxis single-handedly until Yuki volunteered to help. The two have a strained relationship with Gilius lamenting being a big brother, but the pair get on fairly well and he would do anything to protect her.


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