Art by Mike White

This article is for the artefact. The actual series is The Legend of the Golden Axe.

The Golden Axe is a powerful weapon from the land of Yuria. The artefact belongs to the King of Yuria but has been frequently stolen by villains wishing to use its power. It is even said to be the symbol power for all Yurian lands and even beyond that. The axe has magical powers which give the bearer more power when attacking their foes. It also seems to have the power to resurrect a specific target, given a little magical guidance and the blood of a sacrifice. Tyris-Flare was to be this victim in order for Dark Guld to be revived but managed to escape and commandeered the axe while Sorcerer Blackspell was distracted. It remained with Tyris for the rest of her quest and, once Dark Guld and Blackspell had been felled, the three heroes once again set off to return the axe to the Yurian capital.

The journey could not be completed right away, as the warriors were sidetracked by dark events at Rockguard. The dwarf capital had been overrun by the army of Cobraxis and, with Ax-Battler hypnotised and Tyris wounded, it was left to Gilius-Thunderhead (and sister Yuki-Plantcharmer) to take the Golden Axe and free Queen Silpantia-Dragontamer. The mystical weapon saved Gilius when he dreamily fell off a bridge, hacking into the bridge's wall and stopped him from falling into the abyss. He then used it to dispose of the Cage of Snakes trapping his Queen and threw it at Viprax when he threatened Gilius' sister. With the trouble finally averted, the three heroes were presumably able to return the axe to its home.


  • The first appearance of the Golden Axe seemed to suggest that it was much bigger than a human, although it may have been magically-enlarged by Blackspell for effect. It would later be slightly bigger than the axe Gilius usually carries.
  • "Golden Axe" is actually the name of the video game series the stories in Sonic the Comic come from. The Legend of the Golden Axe, the series in the comic, is one of the very few examples of the series changing name when being adapted for print.