This guy obviously doesn't know Sonic.

Goodbye, Mobius is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story, appearing in Issue 248 of Sonic the Comic Online.



For several sleepless days, Sonic has been battling and running from the Neo Metallix in the tunnels beneath the Hill Top Zone and is steadily weakening. Salvation briefly appears in the form of Tails, but Tails is no more than the Metallix, which assumed the fox's form. Metallix could easily kill Sonic, but that isn't its objective. It continues to pursue Sonic into a volcano and the hedgehog keeps trying to fight it, to no success. Just as the robot's about to finish Sonic off, he gets an idea, and proceeds to rocket all around the volcano's edges, starting an eruption. With only a 2% chance of survival, Sonic begins to use the falling rocks as stepping stones in an attempt to reach the newly opened fissure, pursued by Metallix and the rising lava. Metallix is consumed by the magma, while Sonic just manages to get out.

As he recovers, he is surprised by a hologram of Grimer, broadcasted from another dimension. Grimer reveals he has been behind the Mega Mack bombings and the Neo Metallix. In addition, he tipped The Family off before the Special Zone imploded, allowing the mob to wreak havoc on Mobius, and he anonymously fed a desperate Kane information, which the greedy wolf used to tear Sonic down in the media. Thus, Sonic is hated and feared by the entire planet, and his friends can never trust him again, and Grimer orchestrated it all in the name of revenge, in the memory of his former master. The fallen hero has no option but to leave Mobius and never return, and as Grimer's hologram fades, his revenge complete, Sonic sinks to his knees weeping as the volcano spews fire into the sky.


  • This strip's title and credit card is displayed within the strip in a style evoking that of classic Sonic the Comic.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Jail Break. The next story was Last One's Standing.

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