The last known Grand Vizier. Art by Richard Elson.

Grand Vizier was an honourary title awarded in the former world of Shanazar. The position was appointed by Princess Kupacius and the chosen one would act as the princess' right-hand man. Doctor Kintobor was given this role after he crash-landed in the desert and set to work on upgrading Shanzar's plumbing system. As Grand Vizier, Kintobor was awarded by being allowed to live in the palace and was given the power to exact punishment on certain criminals, such as Grimer and Nack the Weasel. Unfortunately, his time in the job was to be cut short as Kupacius sent him on a mission of "certain death" to the Mystic Mountain. His reponsibility was to transport the chosen children to several genies wishing to take their place in the world. However, failing to take medicine often enough saw Kintobor revert into the evil Doctor Robotnik. Oddly, his ceremonial clothes still fit.

Robotnik returned to Shanazar and somehow convinced his princess that he was up for the job, despite having failed his mission and being a completely different person. Robotnik was much better at his job, providing Kupacius with gifts and using her money to capture Sonic. Unknown to her, Robotnik was actually using his resources to build the Dimension Blender which would merge Shanazar and Mobius. Once she learned of the treachery, she ordered the beheading of her Grand Vizier but was turned into a frog before she could finish her demand.

Back in Mobius, Robotnik cast aside his golden robes in favour of his usual attire.


  • Both Kintobor and Robotnik both different golden plates on their robes. Kintobor's contains many cryptic markings, some that look like eyes in ancient hieroglyphics. Robotnik went for a more simple design, incorporating his usual "circle in a cross" design in his plating.


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