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Can Insect-Guy come out to play?

The Green Gremlin is the latest alter-ego of supervillain fanatic, Villin Othawick. He is essentially a parody of the Green Goblin, his appearance being a mix between the first Goblin's design in the comics, and the flight suit the Goblin wears in the first Spider-Man movie. The Gremlin's weaponry differs from the Goblin's however, in that his glider is disc-shaped, and he wields carrot bombs as opposed to pumpkin bombs. He also appears to be capable of damaging technology with a wave of his hand. The Gremlin's speech is notably over-the-top, and he is very fond of alliteration.

In his first appearance, he was shown giving the police a hard time in the Green Hill Zone, and new heroes, The Ultimax didn't fare much better, the Gremlin crashing their Zebra and easily dealing with Holly, the only one in any fit state to fight. Fortunately, Tails was on hand to help, and after the Kintobor Computer analysed the Gremlin's audio patterns, Tails exposed the Gremlin as Othawick and swiftly took him down. He was quickly taken into police custody, Villin promising he'd be back the next week.
Given Villin's tendency to hide behind a new identiy every week, the odds of the Green Gremlin returning seem rather slim.


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