Guess Who! is a feature in the first of The Official Sonic the Hedgehog Yearbooks. Appearing right after Sonic Stars, a gallery of celebrities showcasing the Game Gear, "Guess Who!" invites readers to identify the names of several more stars.

The featured celebrities are:

  • 1. Brain McClair (footballer)
  • 2. Paul Parker (footballer)
  • 3. Graham Gooch (cricketer)
  • 4. Rory Underwood (rugby player)
  • 5. Andy Crane (TV personality)
  • 6. Julian Clary (comedian)
  • 7. Paul Gascoigne (footballer)
  • 8. David Platt (footballer)
  • 9. Andi Peters (TV presenter)
  • 10. Cathy Dennis (singer)
  • 11. Michael Jackson (singer, with Sega's UK champion)

Almost all of these features celebrities have retired, taken on new work or passed away. All have slipped out of the public eye (with the exception of Jackson).

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