A festive Doctor Robotnik

Happy Christmas Doctor Robotnik is a complete story starring Sonic the Hedgehog. The story was the lead piece in Issue 16 of Sonic the Comic.



During Christmas in the Green Hill Zone, Sonic the Hedgehog discovers that Doctor Robotnik has turned over a new leaf and bought all the citizens presents. Sonic is skeptical at first, but when he sees the new sneakers provided for Tails, he relents and feels he is being a bit too harsh. Later, at the Christmas party, a Trooper (drunk on high octane oil) confesses that the 'Robotnik' now friends with them is actually a bomb set to detonate at the party. Alarmed, Sonic picks up Robotnik and runs off. The speed begins to melt the decoy and as Sonic throws 'Robotnik' off a cliff, Tails arrives and doubts Sonic's assertions. Just then, the bomb explodes furiously, leaving Tails to eat his words. Seeing the blast, Sally Acorn and the other citizens are concerned for Sonic's safety, but he and Tails arrive back quickly to get the party started again. Back at Robotnik's base, the Troopers have 'clubbed together' and bought Robotnik an eggcup chair for Christmas. Robotnik decides that the Troopers have too much time on their hands and gives them double shifts over Christmas, stating he prefers Easter anyway.


  • The continuity of this story is shaky. Sonic rather easily forgives Robotnik, despite the fact he enslaved the entire world and captured all of his friends. He then easily picks the Robotnik bomb up, despite the bomb resembling Robotnik greatly, implying it should weigh the same, too. Furthermore, the Troopers show signs of being able to get 'drunk', have emotions and are paid, none of which are really ever seen again. The action also takes place in the Green Hill Zone, despite the centre of operations in the comic usually being the Emerald Hill Zone.


This story is reprinted in Issue 196.


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