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TV Highlight of the Week!

Harold Hilltop is a Mobian comedian and presenter of The Harold Hilltop Show, currently in the employ of the Kane Broadcasting Company. He is an obvious parody of real-life comedian Harry Hill, and made his first, and so far only appearance in The Fandom Menace. While the real-life equivalent of Hilltop's show, TV Burp, satirises the week's television, The Harold Hilltop Show seems to focus on current events and celebrities in particular. Whether he writes his own material is unknown, but it is implied that when he's bashing Sonic the Hedgehog, either Kane has written his jokes, or he has written them under Kane's orders.

In The Fandom Menace, Hilltop seems to be spending most of that day's show dragging Sonic's name through the mud in the wake of Hobson and Choy's slanderous documentary, Sonic: The Inside Story, and enjoying himself while doing it. Unfortunately, this has negative repercussions in the form of Norris Wimple leading Mobians Against Sonic Hatred, an army of Sonic supporters, in a protest against KBC, which quickly turns violent, just as Sonic arrives to straighten things out. Unfortunately for Hilltop, who wasn't expecting such a reaction, the protestors target him directly. Just as they're about to exact their horrible vengeance upon him, Sonic steps in to talk some sense into them. He more or less succeeds, but his public image is ruined even further, no thanks to Norris and KBC twisting the information. As for Hilltop, he swears nothing but praise for Sonic from that point onward, but in the evening news has made a statement announcing his planned retirement from showbusiness. This statement could, however, be one small stepping stone in Kane's smear campaign against Sonic, but time will tell.

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