Head is a sentient skull and resident of Castle Frank N. Stein. His original purpose was to act as a home for the half of Chuck D. Head's brain that wouldn't fit into his head, but when the newly revived Chuck was decapitated, Head was drafted in by Igor to act as a replacement. Chuck objected to having a skull for a head, and thus assumed his standard appearance. The two have been more or less inseparable ever since.

For one with half a brain, Head seems to be rather intelligent, advising Chuck on what to do in his first (mis)adventure: taking Castle Frank N. Stein back. The rest of his time however seems to be spent complaining. Head's moaning, however, is somewhat justified given his lot in life. Since his partnership with Chuck began, Head has been used as a weapon repeatedly, cloned (the experiment resulting in the Blockbusters contestant hanging in the dungeons), painted and watched a film career collapse around him. He appeared on stage for a period too, portraying Yorrick, the Wigan Advertiser calling his performance tasteless, though in Head's defence, he can only do a Cockney accent. He also seems to develop easy addictions, the most notable cases being a drink problem (only cured by Nanny's broth) and a Facebook addiction, where he had 1117 friends, having built a fake profile proclaiming himself to be an adult film star from Chiswick with his own pet leopard. How he is able to type remains a mystery. He is also shown to be good friends with Boni of The Trap Door fame.


Head has appeared in every Decap Attack strip, almost always on top of Chuck's shoulders. He was originally an unnamed power-up in Decap Attack.



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