Head in the Clouds is a Sonic's World complete story appearing in Issue 92 of Sonic the Comic.



Two months ago, in Citadel Robotnik, Doctor Robotnik learns from a citizen that Sonic the Hedgehog is trapped in the Special Zone. Robotnik is furious and orders the bearer of bad news to be turned into a Badnik. Grimer is somewhat confused, wondering why Robotnik is so angry that Sonic is now gone. Robotnik is pleased, but also angry that he wasn't the one to get rid of him. Grimer ponders that most of the people believe that Sonic will return, so a brooding Robotnik decides it's time he reminded them who is in control of the planet. Robotnik's plan is to construct a shuttle in his image that will orbit Mobius, constantly reminding the people of his power. Grimer gets to work on a calculator and reveals it will take six months for the rocket to be ready. The tyrant refuses, saying he wants it ready in two months.

Two months later, back in the present day, the rocket is ready and about to launch. Grimer is worried and believes further tests are necessary, but Robotnik wants no delays and orders the start of the countdown. The shuttle launches faultlessly and begins its ascent, but quickly something goes wrong. The thrusters splutter out and the rocket begins its sharp descent to the ground. As the face of Robotnik's power crumples in a massive explosion, Robotnik orders Grimer to investigate the problem, believing that Miles "Tails" Prower or Knuckles the Echidna has sabotaged it.

Next morning, Grimer has the report and reveals that no outlaws were in the area yesterday. The problem was the rocket's construction, being faulty because it was made with cheap materials to save time. Robotnik takes in the warning, but informs Grimer that the official report on the news will say that the project was sabotaged. Robotnik grins to himself, saying that he never makes mistakes and he has to tell a few lies sometimes to stay evil.


  • This story completely contradicts the events of Mister Shifter, where Agent X19 presumably told Robotnik that she met Sonic in the Special Zone. However, there is a chance that, since we don't hear the revelation, she actually told him about someone else.
  • Grimer says that people believe Sonic will return, implying that Grimer already knew about Sonic's disappearance and kept it from Robotnik.
  • Robotnik suspects Knuckles of sabotage, despite the echidna having no interest in Robotnik's hold over the people.
  • A false report is to be submitted to the news, suggesting that Robotnik has a hold over the media. However, both Sally Acorn and Cat Adie are shown to be anti-Robotnik supporters.
  • This is one of the very few occasions where absolutely none of the Freedom Fighters appear in a Mobius-oriented story.


The previous Sonic's World story is Secret Weapon. The next is Season of Goodwill.

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