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This article or section contains information about a character, place or storyline appearing in Sonic The Comic Online! exclusivley.
Herne is a member of The Family who works under Don Long-Legs, primarily as the enforcer. He is much larger than all other insects, making him the ideal "muscle".


Herne made his first appearance in Sonic the Comic Online in "Bitten by the Gambling Bug", where he was sent by Harvestman to deal with Amy Rose and Tails after they threatened Max Gamble. He quite enjoys his jobs as he can crush people with his monster strength. While at first he was beating them, Amy managed to outmanoeuvre him and caused him to ram his head into a car, getting himself stuck.

Herne next appeared in "Kill Big", where he was sent to persuade Big the Cat into joining the Family by savagely beating him into submission. He was next seen defending the Casino Night Zone, along with the rest of the Family, from the invasion of the New Robotnik Empire in The Battle for Mobius.

The big man continues to use his fists to aid his colleagues and is one of the key warriors sent to assists Zones attacked by Badnik onslaughts. Although he was strong enough to take on an enormous Interceptor, he once again showed how lacking he is in the brains department, believing that the jalapenos on a discarded pizza were the cause of a massive explosion.


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