Hero Hour is a complete Sonic the Hedgehog story which first appeared in Issue 96 of Sonic the Comic.



In the Mootant Village district of New Tek City in the Special Zone, a criminal called The Yob has just robbed a bank. Sonic the Hedgehog, wanting to do something useful since he's still stranded in the Zone, steps in to put a stop to it, but is interrupted by the arrival of local heroes, the Zed Monkeys. Instead of leaping straight into action however, the heroes stand around spouting corny dialogue, and begin posing dramatically when they realise it's ten o'clock: Hero Hour. The Yob makes a getaway as they explain to a confused Sonic that at ten o'clock every day, they must pose and flex their muscles, as ordered by their mentor, Professor Zed . The problem is, that's the time most crimes take place, and they can't do anything about it. Sonic takes care of the Yob himself and travels to Professor Zed's School for Gifted Monkeys, where he finds Professor Zed flexing in front of a pair of junior Zed Monkeys.

Sonic finds it too much of a coincidence that the crime rate increases at Hero Hour, but the Zed Monkeys arrive and attack Sonic with their respective 'powers' (except Grey Jeans. No one knows what her powers are, even her). Sonic creates a sonic vortex around Professor Zed, revealing his true identity: The Zed Monkeys' old enemy, Madmeano, wearing a padded suit, Sonic conveniently noticing a size tag clipped to the suit's ear. Madmeano is taken into police custody and the Zed Monkeys realise their mistake: From now on, instead of Hero Hour, they will have Agony Hour at ten o'clock every day, where they will stand around feeling sorry for themselves. As an annoyed Sonic leaves, Cycleclips hopes the Zed Monkeys have inspired him. Sonic's only been inspired to get home as soon as possible....


  • This story obviously parodies Marvel Comics' X-Men series.
  • Every character exclusive to this story has an X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants counterpart.
  • Even famous Marvel character quotes are referenced and parodied, specifically 'a power that comes with great responsibility' and 'I'm the best at what I do....and what I do is get angry and scowl a lot!'
  • Madmeano indirectly references Scooby-Doo when he is exposed.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was The Big Fight. The next story was Doomsday.

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