Hero of the Beach is a complete Tails story which appeared in Issue 111 of Sonic the Comic.


Script: Lew Stringer
B & W art: Andy Pritchett
Colour: John M Burns
Lettering: Elitta Fell


The Chemical Plant Zone has been closed, and the coastline is being cleaned of all remaining pollution. The residents who wish to go to the beach have made their way to nearby Skegpool, but have to wear Protecto-Cossies should they want to go in the sea, and Tails is on hand to keep an eye on things should Robotnik launch an attack. Local muscle-bound show-off Daz Dynamo is keen to divert attention away from Tails and impress some girls by doing forty push-ups on his little finger. Needless to say, a short time later he has broken said finger, but puts it down to wrestling a shark. Meanwhile on Flickies' Island, Grimer and Robotnik have concocted a plan to send some Caterkillers tunnelling under the sea to attack Skegpool from below. Soon, the Caterkillers arrive in style, reducing Daz to screaming like a child. Tails launches himself into battle, and easily takes one out, but soon another one arrives, latching on to the fox's leg. As the third dives at Daz, Tails swings the one on his leg into it, smashing them both. Before Robotnik can send more into battle, he gets a face full of toxins from the tunnel. Tails has fed a pipe draining the pollution from the sea into the Caterkillers' tunnel, making the coastline cleaner and leaving Robotnik seething in rage, covered in his own muck.


  • The Caterkillers have had a slight redesign for this strip, giving them a new colour scheme, and removing the pupils from their eyes.
  • One Caterkiller enters the tunnel much like how the Caterkillers attack in Sonic 3D.


The previous Tails story was The Unbrushables. The next story was Channel Hoppers.

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