Not to be confused by Hidden Danger!, a Sonic the Hedgehog story.

Hidden Danger is a 2-part Sonic's World story, first appearing in Issue 77 of Sonic the Comic.



The inhabitants of the Tropical Jungle Zone are enjoying another peaceful day, until the Zone is torn apart by a fierce "hurricane". At Citadel Robotnik, Doctor Robotnik praises Grimer over his new creation, actually the one responsible for the Tropical Jungle's destruction. A few hours later, Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails arrive to assess the damage, with a monkey resident claiming that magical forces are at work in the jungle. Sonic doesn't buy it, so the heroes speed off to stop the trouble. Looking at the fallen trees, Tails spots a spy camera and Sonic feels it's the perfect opportunity to mock Robotnik. Unfortunately, this act of defiance causes Robotnik to send his new robot towards his foes. Sonic is ready to give it a Spin Attack when he sees it - but he can't see it! Just as he realises that they're facing an invisible foe, the hedgehog is knocked down. Sonic soon explains that the robot is shielded by a cloaking device. He rushes in to tackle the unseen foe but is knocked unconscious, leaving Tails on his own...

Before Tails is squashed, Sonic recovers and pulls his friend out of the way of an attack. The heroes rush off but are prevented from going further by a cliff. Sonic orders Tails to give him a lift over the river, where the hedgehog unleashes some cool watersports skills by running on the water. The spray flies in all directions, soaking the robot so that anyone can now see it. Sonic makes the effect more permanent by covering it with leaves and launches a Spin Attack, destroying the cloaking device. Despite a double-hit by Sonic and Tails, the robot remains intact - until the cliff breaks, sending it into the river! Back at Citadel Robotnik, Robotnik isn't so downbeat, as Grimer can just create a new army of invisible robots. Unfortunately, Grimer had an accident with the plans... and turned them invisible.



This story was reprinted from Issue 194 to Issue 195.


The previous Sonic's World story was Brute Force. The next is Revolution.

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