Not to be confused with Hidden Danger


Sonic comes to after his fall. Art by Carl Flint.

Hidden Danger! is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story appearing in Issue 12 of Sonic the Comic.



In the weird world of the Hidden Zone, a massive shooting star heads towards the ground. However, when it hits, resident Sammy discovers it to be a "super-cool hedgehog". Deeper into the Zone, Sonic is taken to Zone Leader Steve Owl who welcomes a now-conscious Sonic. The hedgehog is confused, since the last thing he remembers is fighting Doctor Robotnik on his new Sky Fortress. Steve Owl informs Sonic that this is the Hidden Zone, an area safe from Robotnik's rule thanks to a cloaking device. The leader is keen to ask how Sonic found them, but the hedgehog has no idea. Worse still, he doesn't even know who he is!

Meanwhile, in the sky, a damaged Caterkiller is terrified, knowing that Sonic is evaded capture once again. For some reason, Doctor Robotnik isn't angry. He isn't even going to punish his Badnik army by forcing them to listen to Take That. Sonic has accidentally led Robotnik to the Hidden Zone, an area he has waited to plunder for years. Loading his Badniks onto a ship, Robotnik is ready to conquer more of Mobius.

Back in the Hidden Zone, Sonic is furious that he can't remember who he is, only knowing he's a "totally cool dude". Their discussion is interrupted by Benny, who reveals that Badniks are dropping out of the sky and planning to invade. The attacking Badniks unleash their weapons on the peace-loving citizens. Sonic has no idea what to do or who Badniks are, simply running away with his new friends. The lead Moto Bug revels in the destruction, taunts Sonic, having expected more of a fight from "Sonic the Hedgehog". On hearing his own name, Sonic's memory suddenly returns and is able to rescue Sally Acorn and Joe Sushi (among others) from their robotic prisons. Steve Owl is amazed, believing Sonic to be only a myth. The Badniks attempt to escape, but Sonic is too quick, as usual.

With Sonic's memory restored, the hedgehog heads back to Owl for a hero's welcome. The freed prisoners enjoy their freedom once again and Sonic encourages the Hidden Zone people to join the Emerald Hill folk in the Emerald Hill Zone now that Robotnik knows their location. As the villagers join the fight against Robotnik, said tyrant is fuming on his Sky Fortress, enraged that Sonic has "poached" his Badniks.


A large variety of Badniks appeared in this story. Led by a Moto Bug, the robots were mainly from the first generation of Badniks, including Caterkiller, Splats, Newtron, Roller, Spikes, Ball Hog, Grabber and Sonic CD threats Mosqui and Anton.


  • The Hidden Zone is supposed to be a weird Zone unlike any other on Mobius, with keys floating everywhere.
  • It is unsure who "Sammy" is. Both a panda and a hippo call each other it. Either Millar got his script ridiculously wrong or they are both called Sammy.
  • The concept of Zone Leaders is introduced here, 89 issues before Sonic actually mentions it as a replacement to Robotnik.
  • The Sky Fortress never makes another appearance. The mission eluded to that Sonic has just been on isn't featured in any story.
  • Steve Owl calls his Zone "a safe haven for all who wish to escape (Robotnik's) rule. However, since the area is protected by a cloaking device, nobody would be able to find it to find refuge.
  • Take That are mentioned, which suggests some sort of cross-planet music technology (or that Take That also exist on Mobius).
  • Badniks is misspelled as "Badnik's", twice.
  • Sonic continuously tries to help and states that he could "lick" all of the Badniks. When he was running away, he probably should have shot off at top speed. Even if that didn't remind him who he was, it should have given him a means of trashing the Badniks.
  • Sonic happens to find a bridge into the Emerald Hill Zone, without looking. Unfortunately, it looks a bit unstable and nobody (but birds) could easily cross it.
  • Despite moving to the Emerald Hill Zone, the Hidden Zone residents are never seen again.
  • The "Tetris"-esque blocks that make up the Emerald Hill Zone are seen for the only time.
  • Despite Robotnik's Badniks being destroyed, his mission was a success. With the people of the Hidden Zone leaving their home, Robotnik would have been able to conquer this hidden part of Mobius (provided he could find it again).
  • The last panel is full of Millar's egg puns mostly involving the cooking methods of said eggs. The bad egg Robotnik is boiling with rage, angry that Sonic poached his Badniks and now plans to scramble him.


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story is Time Racer. The next is Double Trouble.

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