The High Academy seen from the air

The High Academy is the most eminent university of the Hill Top Zone. It is a substantial institution, occupying a large campus with elaborate classical and monumental architecture on grand scales. The buildings are as much a feature of the university as the education that transpires inside them! A duke who wishes to establish himself as a patron of the arts and sciences will normally commission a further building. Outzone critics despair at the uniformity of style, considering this a waste of an opportunity to explore novel architectural styles, but Toppers themselves favour it, investing their own sense of endurance, stoicism and continuity in the foundations. The Academy is located on one of the Zone's limited number of calm plates, and so the buildings are not normally troubled by quakes or tremors.

The High Academy was an early target of Doctor Robotnik's renewed war on Mobius, and suffered extensive damage during The Battle For Mobius.


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