High Noon is a Tekno & Shorty complete story apearing in Issue 246 of Sonic the Comic Online.



Shorty the Squirrel has been submitted into a "high noon" contest by The Regent, leaving him to fight Slave One. The bulky warrior is very good at these showdowns and quickly puts Shorty in his place in the searing heat. The Regent tries to encourage his ailing champion but prepares "Plan B". Shorty manages to get a hit in, sneaking around Slave One's back and hitting his head with a plank but the slave barely feels the attack. Keen to end the fight, Slave One picks up Shorty and throws him into a crate, knocking him out.

With the fight over, Slave One is ready to collect his prize (Tekno), but The Regent backs out, Plan B being to send his finest warriors to bring down his opponent. Slave One knocks them all out with one swing and gives The Regent a sack of gold, warning him not to follow. As Slave One dissolves into the ground with both Shorty and Tekno the Canary, The Regent prepares to send out an attack force but decides against it after counting the gold in his purse. Later on, Shorty and Tekno awake to find themselves in the Pyramid of Atum. What's worse, Tekno recognises her new home's leader's voice and is horrified to discover old foe Set!


  • Despite being much hotter than Mobius' midday, Shorty doesn't take off his coat.
  • Tekno was knocked out before this story, as her last appearance saw her to be tied-up, but awake.


The previous Tekno & Shorty story was Sunrise. The next story is Sunset.

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