Hill Top Terror is a Sonic the Hedgehog complete story appearing in Issue 20 of Sonic the Comic.



Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails are flying to the Hill Top Zone, where they have received a distress call. Closing in on an active volcano, the bi-plane is attacked by a couple of Turtloid Badniks. Tails suspects that the heroes were expected, but Sonic leaps off to tackle the airbourne threats. Dealt with, Sonic worries about falling to his death but is swiftly saved by Tails. On the ground, Sonic is welcomed by Chief Kordon, who explains that the Mountain of Destiny has become active, a direct consequence of the "Gods" being angry at them. Sonic doesn't buy any of the "supernatural mumbo-jumbo" but isn't willing to let the homes on the volcano be destroyed by an eruption, so agrees to help. As Tails lowers them down on a pulley, the pair are attacked by a submerged Rexon Badnik who topples them off their platform. Tails catches Sonic and attempts to fly him to safety but the weight and extreme heat take their toll on Tails, who can't hold on any longer. Fortunately, the stress has turned Sonic into Super Sonic, who dives right into the mouth of the surprised Rexon. Before long, Super Sonic smashes his opponent open.

Tails directs Super into a cave which seems to be the source of the problem. Inside, the heroes spot the Seismatron, sporting the face of Doctor Robotnik. Tails panics and Super Sonic turns a blind eye, only wishing to destroy, but his mind changes when he learns that the volcano is ready to erupt in just three seconds. Super flies off as Tails grabs onto his leg, the demon planning to destroy the fox once they get to safety. Looking on, Kordon and his tribe despairs as the volcano erupts, Sonic having failed. Still Super, Sonic charges at Tails, ready to kill. His friend tries to convince him to save the villagers, but Super doesn't care. Again, his mind is changed when Tails taunts him, wondering if Super simply isn't good enough for the task. Taking the bait, the hedgehog whirls around the lava, creating a speed cocoon around it. Soon, Sonic returns to normal and diverts Tails' attention to the volcano; Sonic has created a statue of himself out of the cooling molten rock, a lasting memory for his heroics.


  • Tails said that his tails could only carry him for several minutes, but the story didn't convey this well, with Tails seemingly giving up on Sonic right away.
  • Super Sonic was less destructive than he has been in most other occasions, happy to follow Tails and not kill him there and then.
  • Super was also keen to escape the eruption, although stories like Running Wild have shown he can survive extremities like this.
  • Chief Kordon and his tribe were never seen again.
  • The volcano erupted and the lava went flying, but none of it spilled down the volcano. Although Super Sonic cooled it down, an eruption of that ferocity would have sent lava everywhere. Similarly, there was no ash cloud, simply "dust".


The previous Sonic the Hedgehog story was Casino Night. The next is Girl Trouble.

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