Hobson 122

Art by Richard Elson

Hobson is a large, overweight manatee who was once a criminal on the planet Drak. He and his porcupine partner Choy first appeared in Sonic the Comic Issue 121.


Hobson and Choy were responsible for vandalising a monument of Emperor Ko-Dorr, which earned them a lengthy prison sentence. While being escorted to jail, Hobson attacked the guards and kept them distracted whilst Choy used a Prosecutor's staff to summon a Mobius Ring. The two outlaws vanished into the ring without knowing where they were going and they arrived on Mobius, inside Doctor Robotnik's base on Flickies' Island.

Robotnik witnessed the pair's arrival and thought he might use them against Sonic the Hedgehog. He approached them and told them that Sonic was a tyrannical despot who had stolen the doctor's kingdom, and even showed them an image of Sonic's alter ego Super Sonic (without telling them that Super Sonic was now a seperate entity). The doctor offered to reward Hobson and Choy if they captured Sonic and opened a Mobius Ring to the Emerald Hill Zone. Hobson was skeptical about the whole thing, but his concerns were ignored by Choy. Shortly after arriving in the Emerald Hill Zone, Hobson and Choy met Sonic and they attacked. Well, Hobson attacked anyway, Choy feigned injury so he wouldn't have to fight. Hobson was able to get a couple of hits on Sonic, and his oversized belly even protected him from Sonic's attacks. The fight didn't last, however, as Hobson and Choy retreated shortly after Choy took a punch from Sonic. Hobson and Choy didn't appear again for the rest of the comic's original run.

Hobson and Choy returned in Sonic the Comic Online as employees of the Kane Broadcasting Company. They were present during The Battle For Mobius and Hobson took no delight in all of the fighting, expressing his shame toward Choy who was recording and commentating on the battle in order to build ratings.


Hobson, at first glance, appears to be a large, clumsy oaf. He's actually smarter than he looks (probably smarter than Choy) and has a somewhat meek disposition despite his size and strength. He tries to be the voice of reason in his partnership with Choy, but more often than not Choy just ignores him. During the Battle for Mobius, Hobson expressed his disgust with Choy's hunger for ratings and fame with no regard for the struggling and suffering of the people who were fighting off Robotnik's Badnik hordes. It seems odd that such a sensible person would ever hang out with someone like that.


Hobson is very strong, able to take heavy attacks and dish out his own in kind. His blubbery hide lets him reflect direct attacks, as shown when Sonic tried to punch him in the gut and got bounced right back.

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