Hopper is a grey-furred rabbit and a resident of the Emerald Hill Zone. In the Sonic's World story Enter the Cybernik, Hopper and several other Emerald Hill folk were abducted by Troopers and taken to a Badnik Processing Plant. Hopper was turned into a Burrobot and sent back to Emerald Hill along with his fellows who had also been turned into Badniks. Before they could do any damage, however, Hopper and the others were freed by Shorty the Squirrel, who had been turned into a Cybernik yet resisted Robotnik's mental programming. Hopper was grateful to his friend for freeing him and bore witness to Shorty's fight against Robotnik himself. After Robotnik fled in defeat, Hopper bid Shorty farewell. He has not appeared again since.

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